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Playing on the Magic Mountain of Pelion

Playing on the Magic Mountain of Pelion

The Special Elementary School of the Young (juvenile) Offender’s Institution (otherwise known as youth detention centers or juvenile detention centers) of Volos, Greece, has a special population of students with diverse social, cultural, economic and ethnic backgrounds. These young people apart from their troubles with the law, which in the first place leads them into the Institution, are furthermore challenged by learning disabilities, mental health issues, substance abuse, dysfunctional families, neglect, poverty and social exclusion. Most are Roma, with Greek, Albanian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian and other ethnic backgrounds. The majority are Christian Orthodox or Muslims. Most students are facing organic and functional illiteracy and other are school dropouts. Many are also mentally challenged students, students with antisocial behavior, other learning difficulties and so forth. The correctional institution does not offer these young people any positive daily activities whatsoever, apart from chores on a mostly voluntary basis. Therefore, this task is left to the school, almost exclusively. Among our curriculum activities, we consider active citizenship, social engagement, providing various cognitive stimuli and eco/environmental training as crucial.

Feel free to contact us for any pertinent and less pertinent info, we will respond in English, French or Greek, if you prefer.

Please, check below some stats, but have in mind that they fluctuate significantly through the year, due to the nature of our special population.


Total student: 56 (school year 2015-16)


Roma students (various ethnic backgrounds)


Countries of origin


Students’ age groups


Organic and functional illiteracy rates

This website was created by Argyrios Biris, school psychologist.