Our “Teachers4Europe” project 2015-16 in English

The use of a ?home-made? movie as a means of educational material pertaining to the issue of immigration and European identity

Argyrios Biris, psychologist at the special elementary school of the Juvenile Institution of Volos, Greece

In the present project, which was implemented in the context of the ?Teachers4Europe? programme, a short movie production is documented for the purposes of educational use in the classroom, regarding the refugee and the displaced persons issue in Europe. The movie, which was co-produced with the help of our students, acts as a means of reflection about the European identity and the European idea as well as exploring topics about otherness, empathy, emotional intelligence, our place in Europe and the world, differences between unitary or illiberal regimes and western democracies and teaching about cultural elements in different social and ethnic contexts. The movie material is accompanied by two booklets: the ?Activity Block? and the ?Workbook for the Teacher?. The former follows a multifaceted approach, including a variety of classroom activities based on the movie and the latter provides a framework consisting of simple and practical guidelines for the efficient and trouble-free use of the material by the teacher. The application of the material at the Special Elementary School of the Juvenile Institution of Volos, Greece, proved very encouraging, considering the special characteristics of our student population: juvenile delinquents, the vast majority of whom are Roma, never having attended school in the past, presenting major behavioral problems, emotional and learning difficulties, mental retardation or borderline intellectual functioning.


Documentation here. For those of you who enjoy reading, sorry folks its all in Greek!

The movie may be found here (if not activated yet, you may activate the English subtitles by pressing the relative button at the bottom right end of the movie window). Show it to the class after you have read the Workbook for the Teacher (in Greek only, anyone interested in translation?).

Movie poster here. Print it and stick it somewhere in your class to create some mood!

Activity Block. Print it and give it to your students, after first checking the Workbook for the Teacher (sorry, only in Greek).